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The OFT closed on 31 March 2014 and this website is no longer being updated. The OFT's work and responsibilities have passed to a number of different bodies. Read more.

Competition Act and cartels

Here you can find information on the Competition Act and how to comply with the law. You can also find out what constitutes a cartel and how a business could be granted immunity from fines and individuals avoid prosecution (through the OFT's leniency programme) if they inform the OFT of their involvement in anti-competitive activity.

This section also provides information about Competition Act related investigations, decisions, consultations and case closure summaries (where cases are in the public domain).

Work areas
Leniency, cartels and competition law compliance
Competition law compliance

The OFT has published guidance on competition law compliance. This includes specific advice for directors, general guidance for all businesses, a quick guide to competition law compliance and a short film.

Competition law compliance


There are severe penalties for individuals and businesses that engage in cartels - and every incentive for those individuals and businesses to stop such practices and tell the OFT about the cartel.

Confess your cartel to the OFT

Cartels Hotline - complain to the OFT about a cartel


The OFT urges any person with information on cartels or price fixing to telephone the Cartels Hotline on 0800 0851664 or email in strictest confidence.

Complain to the OFT about a cartel

Rewards for information about cartels


The OFT offers financial rewards of up to £100,000 (in exceptional circumstances) for information about cartel activity. You will find it useful to read the guidance set out here.

Rewards for information about cartels

Short-form Opinions

The Short-form Opinion provides guidance to businesses and their advisers on the application of competition law.

Further information on Short-form Opinions.

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