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The OFT closed on 31 March 2014 and this website is no longer being updated. The OFT's work and responsibilities have passed to a number of different bodies. Read more.

Requesting information under the FoIA

The Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to obtain information held by the OFT unless there are good reasons for why the information cannot be supplied.

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Requests made to the OFT after 3 March 2014

On 1 April 2014 the Competition and Markets Authority will take over the OFT's competition and consumer responsibilities after the OFT closes at the end of March.

Requests for information received by the OFT between 3 March and 31 March are unlikely to be dealt with as quickly as usual as the information needed to answer them will not be available to OFT staff due to the transfer of relevant information to the CMA and to an off-site file storage facility.  

However, some of OFT's functions will be taken on by other organisations after 31 March and if your information request covers any of these areas then please contact them directly after that date:

  • Consumer Credit cases will be dealt with by the Financial Conduct Authority:

    The Information Access Team
    The Financial Conduct Authority
    25 The North Colonade
    Canary Wharf
    London. E14 5HS
  • Anti-Money Laundering cases will be dealt with by HM Revenue & Customs:

    Alexander House
    21 Victoria Avenue
    Southend on Sea
    SS99 1AG
  • Estate Agency work will be dealt with by Powys Trading Standards Department:

    Powys Trading Standards Department
    Telephone: 01597 827512
    Fax: 01597 825663

If, however, you want to contact the CMA with a request for information from 1 April, please email:

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How do I make an information request?

Check to see if we already provide the information via our publication scheme. If it isn't in our publication scheme, you can search our website.

If the information is not available then please send an email request to, or write to:

Information Access Team
Office of Fair Trading
Room GS/19
2-6 Salisbury Square

Describe the information you require as clearly as possible - if your request is too broad or unclear we may ask you to be more specific and this will cause delay. See some previous requests and responses for further information.

You can express a reasonable preference for the format you wish the information to be supplied in, for example, by email or as a paper copy.

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What happens next?

The OFT must respond to you within 20 working days. In cases where the public interest has to be considered, this time limit may be extended.

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What type of information can't you share?

There are certain types of information we can't share. In general, we are unable to release information about:

  • complaints received by the OFT about a business or trader
  • whether the OFT has carried out, or is carrying out, an investigation into a business or trader
  • whether a business or trader is legitimate or reputable

Please note you are still able to request the above but we might not be able to provide it.

Where we can share details of our work, they can be found in OFT's work.

If you have any concerns about a business or trader our Consumer Advice pages may be able to help.

More information on the exemptions that apply to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 can be found at

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Will I be charged for the information?

No, the information will be provided free of charge.

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What if the information is refused?

If the OFT decides not to disclose information, we will specify the reason, and, where relevant, explain our arguments.

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Complaint procedures

If you are unhappy about the way your request has been dealt with see the complaint procedures area of this website.

Further information about the Freedom of Information Act can be found on the Information Commissioner's Office website.

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