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Press Statement 2012 -

OFT statement on airline surcharges

airplane on runway

87/12    10 October 2012

'Until the OFT took enforcement action, many airlines were breaching the law by not including all unavoidable fees and charges in their headline price creating an uneven playing field for businesses and lack of clarity for consumers.

'As a result of our enforcement action, all the airlines we investigated are including these charges in all their advertising, including on their own websites. The airlines must also change their online booking system by the end of the year. We are pleased that most airlines fully implemented changes during the investigation earlier this year but some airlines showed they needed longer to make changes to these systems. We published the commitments given to us on our website in July including details about which airlines had agreed a later deadline for compliance.

'We will continue to monitor changes made by the airlines and will consider taking further action if businesses do not address our concerns.

'In the meantime, passengers should continue to ensure they are comparing like with like.'

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