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Consumer credit group licences

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Who can get a consumer credit group licence?

Consumer credit group licences are only suitable for groups that can meet the 'public interest test' set out in section 22(5) of the Consumer Credit Act. In order to meet the test you would have to demonstrate that your members meet the general fitness test (pdf 262kb) and that you would be able to:

  • demonstrate the systems and procedures in place in order to monitor members of the group
  • take effective enforcement actions against the members of the group when necessary
  • provide evidence to the OFT that you have assessed and mitigated the risk of the credit activities undertaken by your members.

For more information read the guidance for group licence holders and applicants (pdf 366kb).

You may be covered by an existing group licence.

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Who has a consumer credit group licence?

The following is a list of current consumer credit group licences 

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Who do I contact if I want to apply for a consumer credit group licence?

Before you contact us we recommend you read the guidance for group licence holders and applicants (pdf 366kb). Applications from individual members cannot be accepted.

If, after reading guidance, you wish to enquire about the possibility of applying for a group licence, you should contact

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How much does a consumer credit group licence cost?

A group licence will generally cost:

  • £6,000 for 1,000 members or fewer
  • £15,000 for more than 1,000 but no more than 5,000 members 
  • £30,000 for more than 5,000 members.

However if your organisation does not charge for its services (and if you are only carrying out the activities of debt adjusting, debt counselling, credit brokerage and/or the provision of credit information services) there may not be a charge.

For more information, see General Notice 93 - consumer credit fees (pdf 80kb).

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How long does a consumer credit group licence last?

Generally, group licences will be issued for a five-year period.

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Cycle to Work

Cycle to Work schemes allow employers to loan bicycle and bicycle safety equipment to employees free of any income tax liability. Cycle to Work schemes give staff the chance to access bicycle and bicycle safety equipment to travel to and from work while also giving them the advantage of an income tax exemption.

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